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We aren’t glory hounds. We really aren’t. Occasionally, though, a client will urge us to submit our work to an award panel for judging. Following are a few such awards our clients and Cox Marketing Group have been honored with:

Natural Plant Products logo

2020 Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Creative Award – Website Design – Natural Plant Products (NPP)

Longtime client botanical oil supplier Natural Plant Products needed to transition from a farm-forward brand presence to one that would resonate with global beauty brand influencers and cosmetic formulators alike. The beautiful new, well-optimized, and designed site, coupled with a complimentary digital marketing plan we developed, resulted in a 3x YoY increase in total site traffic, 400% YoY organic site traffic increase, high engagement, and low bounce rates.

Working with Drawbridge Creative to bring our vision to fruition, we were honored to receive a silver award for Marketing Effectiveness for this site. The competition was stiff with Summit receiving over 1600 entries from 15 countries.

CortControl logo

2017 Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Creative Award – Logo Design – CortControl, LLC

Working with nutraceutical formulator CortControl along with Linden Design, we were honored as a silver winner for our reimagining of CortControl’s logo and corporate identity.

We developed a clean, descriptive look to represent the three primary chemistries central to CortControl’s Glutrasol family of product formulations. Entries were judged on “their ability to change, influence or reinforce an audience’s knowledge, attitudes, or beliefs.”

Truly an international competition, submissions came in from thirteen countries with only 6% of entries receiving top honors.

SIS Development logo

2010 Summit International Creative Award – Catalog – SIS Development

Together with Corvallis-based SIS Development, we were a bronze winner for our work on SIS Development’s catalog flat.  This piece was used to generate interest for their offerings at industry trade shows with the objective of securing meetings to discuss potential development engagements with the firm.

Using seasonally relevant football references (the shows were in the Fall), the piece led with “Because development is a team sport….” and discussed how teaming with SIS to realize development game plans was a winning strategy.

This project was really rewarding because the client had such a distinct list of value propositions for us to communicate that it made our job easy.  SIS was also very open to the range of creative approaches we presented.

Summit received thousands of entries from over 24 countries for this year’s honors.

SAP logo

2007 Summit International Creative Award – B2B Print Materials – Business Objects

Portland-based Steve Mitchell Design joined Cox Marketing and San Jose-based Business Objects (now part of SAP), a global business intelligence software company to execute this direct marketing campaign.

Business Objects’ savvy marketing team, pulled in a combination of proven vendors to assist with this ambitious direct marketing campaign. The team came up with an enticing, 4-phase mailing campaign focusing on very targeted healthcare business professionals. Memorable packaging that was engaging and just too-fun-not-to-open led respondents to take advantage of product-related offers.

Intelemark, based in Phoenix, AZ followed up with telemarketing calls which provided an added lift to response numbers with the campaign rounding out at over a 4% response rate.

GTS logo

2006 Summit International Creative Award – B2B Print Materials – GTS Services

This time, GTS Services, a Portland-based glass business software company’s project was honored.

GTS was one of our favorite customers and as any agency knows, the creative end result is always a collaboration of agency ideas overlaid with client direction.

This 3-phase dimensional campaign sent increasingly compelling product-related offers coupled with playful, arresting industry-related giveaways. These communications were both relevant and visually memorable. The result? A 6% hit rate and $1.5 million in pipeline revenue forecasted for GTS!

Laura (Cox) is a resourceful, creative, and solution oriented person who is able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her programs. I highly recommend Cox Marketing Group, and applaud their ability to put together efficient campaigns that actually work.

– Ann McMullen, President, Media Shark

Cox Marketing is truly an integral part of our marketing team, and they consistently exceed expectations. Laura has a remarkable knowledge of our industry and is able to plan and manage our annual demand generation programs, meeting our corporate objectives and allows me to focus on other Marketing initiatives.

– Audrey Brislin, Marketing Programs Manager, Accero

The fact is, finding great contract marketing help can be a huge pain. With Cox Marketing Group you’ve got a seasoned, professional and highly ethical marketing department right out of the box. Laura (Cox) and her team consistently deliver solutions to the most difficult marketing challenges without making you do all the work.

– Collin Dayley, VP Group Account Director, McCann Erickson

Cox Marketing is an extension of our Marketing team. I am able to focus on our company’s other pressing communications needs while Laura manages our demand creation programs. I would recommend Cox Marketing to anyone in need of driving awareness and revenue pipeline for their company.

– Keri Spehalski,Director Global Campaigns EPM, Business Objects (SAP)

(Laura’s) wide breadth of marketing experience means she, comfortable doing anything from strategic planning to program execution—and everything in between.

– Mitzi Sandman, President, Along Came Mitzi, Inc.

We hired Laura & Cox Marketing a few years ago and have been continuing our engagement with her every month since she and her team add so much value to our business. Laura has a great blend of marketing knowledge and an ability to get to the heart of what is needed in a particular business to help them achieve their goals.

– Dorota Shortell, CEO, Simplexity Product Development, Inc.

We have found (Cox) to be extremely professional and creative, while being highly responsive and excellent communicators. In fact, we have recommended Cox Marketing to our clients when they were looking for marketing services.

– David Crow, Co-founder/Managing Director, Intelemark

(Laura’s) the consummate marketing professional, is a fantastic team player and delivers excellent results. I’ve referred her to work with several of my clients, and they have been delighted with her work and what she is able to achieve for them. She’s a pleasure to work with and I recommend her without reservation.

– Matt Wilbur, Principal, Nordic Services, LLC

Laura and I met in 2000 when we worked together at Cadence. She left to embark on creating Cox Marketing where she continues to deliver results, based upon her dedication, honesty, creativity, genuine knowledge and experience serving and meeting her customers’ challenges.

– Tyler Magee, Assistant Professor (University of Portland) and Marketing Consultant

Laura possesses that magical combination of creativity AND strategic thinking. She is able to quickly synthesize information and options to deliver creative marketing solutions that yield measurable, impactful results. In addition to being incredibly effective, she’s also a delightful person to work with and truly cares about her clients’ and creative partners’ wellbeing.

– Andee Masonek, President, Drawbridge Creative, LLC

(Laura) has a unique combination of no-nonsense character, care for the individual and team she’s working with, and downright stellar branding chops. She is creative, responsive, quick-witted, and sees the big picture from a stakeholder point of view. I could not recommend Laura more as a professional and a person I would work with again anytime, anywhere.

– Aaron Reber, Director of Change Management. MTX Group

When you need experience, stamina and clarity in your marketing efforts I strongly and without reservations recommend you reach to partner with Laura. Her work isimpeccable, skills amazing plus her patience knows no bounds!

– Bob Deasy, President, Lead I.T. Consulting

Laura and her team were fast and creative with a variety of conceptual, animated gif solutions to our brief. Best of all, results from the banners increased significantly when compared to our benchmark affiliate marketing programs. As much as she is a pleasure to work with, Laura makes it easy.

– Janet Quinn, Director of Marketing and Sales,

Cox Marketing Group has provided GTS with very creative, cost-effective marketing solutions.Their level of engagement in our business and candid and ethical dealings with us are much appreciated.

– Mike Jones, President, GTS Services, LLC

Cox Marketing is a key extension of our corporate marketing group. Laura Cox Is an incredibly gifted resource for our company; creative, strategic and thorough In everything she does for us. I consider her a colleague, an advisor and friend.

– Bob Conlin, VP of Marketing, Accero

Laura is a highly trained and seasoned professional. Her work is exemplary. Laura has experience in both domestic and global marketing responsibilities. She will provide a wealth of knowledge and direction to help expand your brand, drive prospect engagement and position your organization for success.

– Jim Daniels, VP, Global Sales and Marketing, Natural Plant Products, Inc.

Laura is a refined and experienced marketing expert who provides thoughtful strategic direction as well as polished and professional tactical marketing communications solutions.

– Phyllis McCanna, Marketing Executive and Consultant

(Laura) is able to set marketing strategy as well as have a team to execute that strategy in an efficient manner. With her guidance and work we have seen results like new qualified leads coming in from our website, more brand recognition, and clearer messaging to our clients. I have worked with and hired other marketing groups in the past, and Laura rises far above the competition.

– Dorota Shortell, CEO, Simplexity Product Development, Inc.

I’m always amazed at how effortlessly they handle project management. Always even tempered, responsive. and eager to find a resolution. One reason Cox Marketing is so successful is because of their experience on both the client and the vendor side.

– Robin Krauss, Principal, Linden Design

Cox Marketing Group is everything you want from a marketing and branding firm – creative ideas, flawless execution and nice people to boot. I recommend Cox Marketing Group to my clients every chance I get!

– Laurie Halter, Owner, Charisma Communications

Every time we have engaged, whether as a client or the vendor, Cox was professional, productive and extremely easy to work with. Cox brings great value to their clients and is a significant asset for those clients we have referred them to. I have have no hesitation recommending Cox.

– Murray Goodman, CEO, Intelemark

Working with Cox Marketing has been one of the more joyful experiences of my career because they are so detailed, creative and easy going.

– Sally Wack, Account Executive, Printing Today

Their ability to interface with our Production Managers on behalf of our clients has made every project we have worked together on exponentially more successful. Thank you Cox Marketing!

– David Crow, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Intelemark

Laura is among THE BEST I have ever worked with. She’s dynamic, skilled, insightful, creative as well as tactical, but above all – she has a terrific work ethic. We could always count on her to deliver a high-quality result. Laura Cox is the kind of person you are lucky to partner with. I highly recommend her!

– Andy Phillips, Development Advisor, PSS

(Laura’s) ability to fearlessly push back when necessary, helped the sales team morph our value proposition to engage new industrial trade associations and markets. Through all the twists, turns and pivots, she nailed it. If you’re in-need of new messaging, prospects or business opportunities, I would highly recommend you get in-touch with Laura!

– Ron Fraim, Business Development Manager, Forests For Oregon Victory Fund
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